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Stop BUSTING Yourself - Start BESTING Yourself!

Updated: Dec 1, 2017

Stop BUSTING yourself and start BESTING yourself ... I heard this phrase on an inspiring

webinar this week and it’s stuck with me... I’m not even sure I heard it right but this is what it’s somehow translated to for me...!

How many times do we beat ourselves up, tell ourselves we have fallen short, aren’t good enough, shoulda coulda woulda blah blah #selftalk rubbish...??!!! I know I bust myself more than I should, do you?

Today was one of those days. I woke up still tired. My house needs some sorting. Hardly any food in the fridge. I was late for my prayer time with my precious friend. I was late setting up for the Women’s Life Group I lead. I didn’t feel prepared. In fact I felt so overwhelmed I even did something I’ve never done before - I cancelled an event at my home this evening.

In #spoonie talk... I’d run out of spoons! 🥄

(What's that? Check out Spoon Theory here! #spoontheory)

But then, as if by magic, the love and light started to creep in... and some BEST bits shone through!

Pure JOY at being surrounded by people I love who I know love me and a Bible study that challenged me to trust and look for the lessons.

#shesstillthere @chrystalhurst ❤️🙏🏼

Pure JOY that I could sit and have lunch at home with my husband and that I am actually my own boss so I can take time when I need it.

Pure JOY at finalizing details for our fab Christmas party - YAY!! Dinner & dancing with views over the Thames by Tower Bridge... can't wait!

Pure JOY at my 17 year old son giving me the longest hug because, just because.

Pure JOY at friends who say: "We’re coming over anyway! We don’t need to see your immaculate house or 'glam' you, let’s sit on the sofa, share a glass of wine, catch up and be real!"

And that's exactly what we did!

I love you. Thank you Jade & Jill & Liza xxx

Pure JOY at reading a ‘Thank You Joanne’ thread on my team FB page started by my incredible friend and inspiring business partner Jo Sumner ... talk about timing... (it’s rare for my mascara to smudge) and oh the gratitude I feel for reading so many reasons why I should look for the BEST in myself rather than BUST myself.

And YOU should too. Please!

Our BEST self really is in there, even on the days we can’t see or feel it. I am SO blessed.

Stop BUSTING. Start BESTING. I will if you do?!! And maybe, if we look for the BEST more than we fear being bust, the BEST will keep getting BETTER, a little bit every time!

So... here's my B-E-S-T advice for all of us today:

B - BIG Yourself UP! What you focus on expands... so the quicker you can switch your focus and mindset to looking for the BEST, the quicker the chain reaction of the Law of Attraction will begin to conspire in your favour again.
E - Energy - where attention goes, energy flows... what can you do NOW to shift your physical and mental state? I often put on some cheesy music (my 'hairbrush singalong' playlist is a favourite!) and dance around the kitchen. Or go for a walk, exercise, write in a gratitude journal, say a prayer of thanks, eat something nutritious and delicious, take a shower & start afresh... MOVE yourself to MOVE your state
S - Speak kindly to yourself - You are the first to hear your words or thoughts! You wouldn't be rude, cruel, negative, untruthful, dismissive or plain mean to others, would you? So don't do it to yourself - speak love to awaken your BEST self 💕
T - Time - know that even if this moment, this hour, this day feels hard... this too shall pass - so keep looking for the BEST, start looking sooner than you feel ready, and take the time to take a breath of gratitude when you find the joy in you again!

And remember... you truly ARE the BEST you - that doesn't mean being perfect (we are all works in progress) but because there is only ONE you... you're the very BEST of you. The only challenge is to take a little step, day by day to be a bit better than the day before. YES YOU CAN!


The study I'm LOVING at the moment is She's Still There ... check it out at:

And *footnote!* My friend Robin Posner Corbin who I credit with the 'stop busting start besting quote' (even though she can't remember saying it!) has just read this post, checked out this book... and Chrystal is 25 minutes away from her in Dallas! Miles are never a real distance between people, we are all connected! ♥️

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