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Last week was officially 'Kindness' week and at my monthly Women's Business Networking lunch, we were asked to reflect - in only sixty seconds - on kindness. Now, I am always quick and keen to sing the praises of my business, which has brought dramatic lifestyle benefits for my family and so many others... but this time my attention turned to the group of smart, dynamic, successful, supportive and empowered women around the table, and some success tips I've picked up from them.

I truly believe that in business and in life, we attract what we are ... and how others show up for us is a reflection of how we show up for them. So, without further ado... here are some simple business & networking ways to be KIND!

K - Knowledge - know your stuff, be the best at what you do and be a life-long learner - learn something new every day
I - Intention - be clear on your goals & expectations, why they are important to you and the actions you will take to meet them
N - Network - be a cheerleader for others, make new friends, discover new experiences and care enough to share (your expertise, advice, connections)
D - Dream BIG - believe you can, then get to work! When you believe it, you'll see it...

It's a privilege to connect with so many bright minds from such a variety of backgrounds... from coaching to cake-making, professional services to PAs, signmakers to social media, will-writing to wellness ... and a dozen businesses in between. We become the average of the people we surround ourselves with so I'm grateful for the regular connection with these high achievers!

I am a member of the Athena Camberley group, run by Linda Huckle who infuses every meeting with a brilliant blend of relevant, interesting and entertaining encouragement and advice on networking skills, business development and practical introductions. We meet monthly over lunch and more informally at our 'Cappuccino Connections' mornings - except in August and December when we have a PARTY 😃

Be KIND to yourself and your business... but don't be random about it - do it with purpose!

To connect with Linda and the Blackwater Valley Athena Network, contact Linda Huckle at

For Athena groups nationwide visit

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