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BLISS… so what’s that feeling like right now?

What a TREAT! My intuitive and grace-full friend Cathy came to my sun-soaked home this morning to treat me to a personal relaxation, stretch & mindfulness yoga session. The label ‘yoga’ provokes so many different responses from people ... for me today, this was a delicious chance to stretch my body, connect (& disconnect!) my mind and allow myself time and space to simply be still.

I was surprised at how far away my ‘wired-or-tired’, adrenal-fatigued body was from a genuine state of relaxation and yet how willing it was to respond to Cathy’s gentle prompting, realignment, stretching of the spine and the pure release of allowing my breathing to relax into a gentle and easy flow. There was laughter, wiggling of toes (& moving around of candles, aromatherapy diffusers & cushions!) and throughout the entire session I felt totally safe & nurtured. Something I've noticed previously in group sessions (& noone who knows me will be surprised!) is my competitive Type A personality kicking in and feeling the pressure of comparison … which isn’t helpful when the intention is to connect with MY body… so being one-to-one with Cathy simply removed that stress and allowed me to be fully present.

One of my misconceptions was that this would be a gentle and somewhat passive experience – but in reality I felt strong, empowered and in control by moving my big muscles and allowing the stress hormones to dissipate. There’s a wonderful feeling of wellbeing when you feel like every muscle in your body has been engaged … and I have to admit, it also brings that sense of ‘achievement’ that is so annoyingly important to me! A full top-to-toe pampering session, I feel better than after a massage … bliss.

A while later, fully hydrated with Arbonne tea & water and with the Autumn sun still streaming through the kitchen window as I write, I feel a sense of calm and focus I haven’t felt in a long time … no doubt that’s connected to my decision to FINALLY put some thoughts together and actually start writing!

So… as you get to know me more, you'll discover how I love making up acronyms for any situation so I plan to include one in every post! So let’s start with BLISS…

B Be Present – wherever you are, be there
L Light – let it IN, so you can shine it OUT … discover lightness in the mind, body & spirit
I Intuition – Cathy instinctively knew what I needed, and I knew I could trust her whilst I allowed myself to look within
SSpirit – I felt a deep personal connection to God during the session and sensed a renewing of spirit
SSpace – to breathe, to connect, to move, to BE

THANK YOU Cathy for sharing your passion with this precious gift of your time, skills and love. You have such wisdom and knowledge of how the body works and your coaching expertise shines through with your natural insightfulness. This was a new experience for me and now I can’t wait to start our regular sessions… let's take it to the MAT!


To connect with Cathy … visit

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