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ADVENT - Close your Eyes, Free your Mind, Open Your Heart, Feel the JOY!

Welcome to the season of advent - if you're like me, the joy, excitement and anticipation at this time of year is as wonderful as the 'big day' itself - all the people we meet, fun things to celebrate, looking ahead to new beginnings and reflecting on the year that's coming to a close...

The Advent Calendars (yes, my boys still have them & still love them!), the Advent Candle, knowing that the traditional Advent Star will be up in church for Sunday, frosty mornings, wearing my Santa hat - yes! it's on even as I'm writing this AND when I popped out to the Post Office earlier, it brought a few smiles and started a conversation with people around me.

This morning I did an impromptu start-the-month Facebook Live for my business team, highlighting some of the excitement coming this month... (we are starting December expecting to earn a free holiday to Jamaica 🇯🇲 🏝 ☀️ in 2018 - did I ever mention that I LOVE what I do?!) and as is so often my way, I ended with this little ADVENT Acronym... whether it's for business or life, I LOVE these tips for a month where you and everything around you SHINES!

A - Affirmations - what do you want? This month, by the end of this year? Write them down, repeat them often, use pictures to focus on what you DO want, not what you DON'T want... and put them everywhere! On your mirror, the fridge door, in your handbag, your phone... it's so true that what you think about you bring about 💭
D - Discipline the distractions - there's a lot going on this month, it always flies by - if you have goals to achieve, what will you do to make them happen despite temptations? Will you be committed to doing what you said you would do, even when the feeling in which you said it has passed (or there's a glass of mulled wine & a mince pie winking at you!).
V - Values - stay true to YOU. Be the person who does the thing they said they would do. "No matter what" means no excuses but also no compromise on doing the right thing the right way
E - Expect - have a positive attitude. Hoping, wishing, dreaming & wanting are wishy-washy... there's so much more power in EXPECTING! But here's the thing... you also have to match your ACTIONS to your expectations to achieve the results!
N - NOW - Do it NOW! Have a sense of urgency - this month goes SO fast… blink and you'll be half way through, so do what you need to do NOW. Right this moment. 5-4-3-2-1 DONE!
T - TREAT - it’s the season of goodwill. It's good to treat yourself! (You know me..) You simply can't fill others up if you are empty yourself - so find a way to take some time for you, connect with a friend, indulge (a little! maybe that's where the mulled wine & mince pies come in..?)… and then pay it forward with kindness to someone else. Not everyone will be feeling JOY or full of light this season - a kind word, a card, a gift, an invitation, a conversation... you could make all the difference by not just BRINGING a treat but by BEING the treat 💕

I wonder how many times I will take the time to sit and look at this flame this month, to be thankful for a moment of calm in a busy life ... or how many times I'll have to rush over and blow out the flame knowing "Oh no... I've just burned through 3 days!!" ??

On Christmas Day the season of Advent will become a season of new life, new birth, new beginnings, new joy. My wish for you is that you will have enjoyed the journey to get there, every step of the way. xxx

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